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to have in an emergency? jon fortt is in san jose. jon? >> reporter: tyler, used to be blackberry was the go ln to phone hands down. but in this era of apps and accessories, the landscape has changed a bit. i'll tell you how after the break. >>> s&p 500 up 12 1/2 points as we welcome you back to "power lunch." i believe we have some images over staten island. we just had them a moment ago. one of the hardest hit of the five boroughs of new york city and where the marathon will begin on sunday. what is your best smartphone in a disaster? jon fortt in san jose has the options. >> hey, tyler. phonewise, there are really three things to think about when calamity strikes. can you keep a phone call, can you keep tabs on the latest information and will your battery last. there's no one type of phone that's the best of all three but let me walk you through some of the trade-offs. blackberries are great at phone calling. my blackberry can get a signal where my iphone just can't. if you're in the type of emergency where you are stuck in one spot, can't roam around, that helps. next, apps. w
in europe. that's 1 of 3 things that happened today in europe to push san jose averages lower like we said. other thing that was important, the european commission came out and said growth in europe in 2012 not going to be what we thought. in fact it is going to contract. >> 2012. >> 2012. they thought it was going to be flat. instead it is going to contract. the hope for recovery in 2013, kiss that baby good-bye. it is not going to happen. what do we know about europe? they need money to pay their bills. when their economy falls, they have less tax revenue, they have less money to pay their bills. that's why people get nervous. then mario draghi is the ben bernanke of europe comes out and says something today that falls in the uh, duh, category of news but certainly it scared people. germany has so far been largely insulated from some of the difficulties elsewhere in the your yo a euro area. another economy that could be slowing, less tax revenue, less money to pay bills and they need a lot more of it. the one thing about germany is, tyler, the southern half of europe, we're looking at it
fortt is in san jose looking at the models, the niche they're going for and some of the pros and cons of tablets. jon? >> reporter: tyler, lots to cover. lots of tablets, so many i can't get through them all. but let's look at some of the big ones. first, ipads. three models mainly. the mini at $329, ipad 2 at $399, and the fourth generation, $499. they want everybody. pros, apple has the most apps. cons, apple has the most expensive tablet lineup and the screen resolution on the mini isn't as good as cheaper seven-inch tablets. next, kindle's fire and fire hd. fire had a pretty amazing $129 today only. the seven-inch hd at $199 -- the 8.9-inch hd, $299. amazon is targeting gamers with these tablets and some media consumers but the truth is they just don't have many apps available compared to apple's lineup. google's nexus tablets, two models a seven inches for $199 and 10 inches for $399. i'd include the samsung tablets in this general grouping, too, as mainstream android tablets. more apps available but still not as many as apple. these are good for consumers and individuals doing w
. >>> all right. doubt san jose and jon fortt for breaking news. jon? >> sue, hp has responded to the letter that mike lynch released this morning. mike lynch being the founder and former ceo of auto mir, the software unit hp bought and said last week had a number of financial reporting issues. mike lynch challenging that in a letter this morning, saying that he rejects all allegations of impropriety in autonomy's innocence. hp put out a statement, the key passage here, we believe we have uncovered extensive evidence of a willful effort on behalf of certain former autonomy employees to inflate the underlying financial metrics of the company in order to mislead investors and potential buyers. i asked a qualifying question of hp what does on behalf of mean? they said they believe certain former employees actually misrepresented autonomy finances them don't name those employees here and in the end, say they won't engage in a back and forth with lynch but clearly this this still alive. >> reflected in hp's stock price, jon, down 1.25% switching gears a little bit you something going on with the
like a volcano exploding. they were shocked, they said, but not surprised. the san jose mine has one of the worst safety records in the region. the first rescue team didn't get very far. 300 yards from here, the underground road was blocked by a boulder twice the weight of the empire state building. with the 33 still alive, the odds were put at 2%. half a mile underground, victor zamora was repairing the roof of the mine when the force of the collapse plastered him against a wall. he stumbled to the shelter where food was meant to be stored for just such an emergency. there was enough for a couple of picnics. how did you react to that? >> [speaking spanish] >> male translator: we were so mad. there was almost nothing there. we couldn't believe that we were supposed to survive with so little. we were treated even worse than animals. it was shocking. >> three days after the collapse, the rescue team started sending probes down. trouble was, they had no idea where the miners were. all they had were sketches, which were outdated and inaccurate. but they kept on drilling day and night. th
to have you here. not far from san jose, where headquarters is. many credit you with the significant turn-around, particularly when they look at the marketplace business. let's take it right here, right now for the investor at home. a lot of people thinking about europe. you have more than half your sales, i believe, are overseas and certainly european important market. what are you seeing there? >> what's interesting about europe is there's a lot of economic uncertainty, obviously. gdp growth rates, retail growth rates. if there's a bright spot in europe, it's what technology's doing. e-commerce growth rates across europe continue to be double digit. uk's 15%. germany, 14% italy's 20%. spain's 20%. what's happening is as european consumers are looking to stretch their euro, they're coming online to get lower prices. not just ebay, everywhere. >> across the board? >> across the board. >> new adoption on their part or going there prurly for price comparison? >> a little of both. they get better selection and better prices. we're seeing a lot of new europeans -- or europance who may be out
and yahoo, which is what an investor would want to here. >> a funny comment on apple. jon fortt in san jose, thanks. >>> bob pisani has more on the virtual bid. >> we were talking about this earlier. cnbc can confirm that bidding at least $3 a share in cash for knight capital. we're talking about all of it, not just a part of it. getco earl -- that's a more complicated deal. it's cash and stock, so these two deals are not exactly comparable. a difference between the deals is the leadership. under the virtu bids would be one of -- unit the getco deal, he would not be ceo, so managerial interests in the outcome of this bidding as well. >>> when kell bum back, find out how the oracle of omaha would get the u.s. fiscal house in order. we're back after a break. and we can save you 10% on ground shipping over the ups store. look this isn't my first christmas. these deals all seem great at the time... but later, not so much. this isn't that kind of deal. [ male announcer ] break from the holiday stress. save on ground shipping at fedex office. why use temporary treatments when you can prevent the
shakeup in microsoft. cnbc's jon fortt joins us from san jose. jon, good morning. >> i can't hear him. >> no, and i couldn't read his lips. i tried. did you see me trying to -- i have no idea what he said. he was talking about microsoft, that's all i know. normally we'd want to check him before i toss to him, just to see if you could hear him, that's just something i would try. maybe google just pulled the plug on that, i'm not sure. are they still rivals? they don't like each other. >> it could be apple, too. let's talk about jcpenney, the sales plunged at jcpenney hitting the company hard amid a transfor transformation by ceo ron johnson. bill ackman is giving the turnaround several years, bill ackman, founding and ceo of pershing square capital management, on the board of jcpenney, handpicked ron johnson and we'll talk about a column i wrote i think you're relatively disagreeing with the premise of the column which is to say this is a company that is struggling and at least in my estimation and by the way not just mine but i think a number of analysts and investors who say how are
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8

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